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Healthier Business Program

Did you know... that in 2002, the average cost of health care per employee was an astounding $4,700?  With health care costs on the rise, how can businesses lower their expenditures? 

The answer…wellness programs.

One of the key factors to running a successful business is maximizing employee productivity while minimizing overall costs.  Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that comprehensive worksite health promotion programs can lower health care and insurance costs, decrease absenteeism, and improve performance and productivity. 

  • For example, Prudential Insurance Company reports that the company’s major medical costs dropped from $574 to $312 for each participant in its wellness program.

One size does not fit all.  La Crosse County Health Department’s Healthier Business Program recognizes this and has made it our mission to work with each company to find customized solutions through the following program services:

·            Health Screenings
·            Educational Sessions
Health Challenge Coordination
Healthy Weighs Program
Educational Materials
Service Packages
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Services can be selected as packages and/or a la carte:  Choose from one of the packages listed or select options individually.  We will work with you to best meet the needs of your business in helping to keep your employees healthy.

If you are interested in improving productivity, decreasing absenteeism, enhancing your corporate image, and lowering insurance costs, contact a Healthier Business representative for more information.

You can also visit us at the La Crosse County Health Education website by clicking here or visit our Nutrition website by clicking here.

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